What is fostering?

When you foster a puppy from us you take our puppy home with you to love and raise as your own pet. You take care of the puppy as if you had bought the puppy from us. The puppy becomes a member of your home but still remains a breeding member of our breeding program.


What is required of the foster family?

As the foster family you are required to be in agreement of the fostering contract. You are responsible to take the puppy into your home and care for and love the puppy as you would any of your pets. Your responsible to make sure the puppy is vetted when needed, kept up to date on shots and flea treatment, and kept on the food decided on by us the breeder. When it is time to breed your responsible for arranging to get the dog to us for breeding and then again for when it is time to have the puppies. The foster family are responsible to keep the breeder informed of any changes to the puppy. 


What is the breeder responsible for?

The breeder is responsible to be available for the foster family to contact with questions or concerns. The breeder is responsible to make all decisions in regards to breeding the dog as well as pay for any bills that go along with breeding and having puppies. The breeder is responsible to care for the dog whenever it comes for breeding or puppies. 


What happens when the dog is done breeding?

When the dog is done breeding the dog will be fixed and remain your pet and we will no longer have any rights to the dog. However we will remain available to contact with any questions or concerns as well to receive any pictures or updates as you would like to share.


∗ If fostering is something you are interested in we would be happy to talk further as well as set you up with another foster home to ask questions to if you would like.