When we started looking for another bulldog to join our family, I started researching breeders in the Southwestern Ontario area.  I found Stacy and Vidic's Bullies in Palmerston from the CKC website.  After speaking with a few different breeders, I knew Stacy and Vidic's were the breeder for us.  From the very beginning, Stacy was a pleasure to talk to and was very understanding of our wants and needs in our new family member.  She is very knowledgeable about the breed and works with only the best breeders to ensure healthy pups with the very best temperaments.  Her dogs are absolutely beautiful and have an amazing nature.  We knew right away that we had picked the very best breeder possible and were very excited about adding a Vidic's bully to our family. I spoke with Stacy for almost a year before we finally found our perfect match.  We couldn't wait to finally bring Stanley home. 
Stanley has been home with us for just over two weeks and in that time has already mastered  sit, bed, shake a paw, fetch and is starting to heel on our walks.  He is incredibly smart and has been an adventure from the very beginning.  He is sweet and funny and also very feisty.    We love his personality and couldn't have asked for a better pup. Stanley has added so much love to our lives and we couldn't imagine being without him now.  Stanley and my son have become the best of friends.  I love seeing the two of them play.  It is going to be amazing to watch them grow up together. 
We get stopped everywhere we go and get complimented on his markings and how beautiful he is.  I have told everyone we meet that we got him from Stacy at Vidic's Bullies in Palmerston.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is considering getting a bulldog to add to their family.  We already can't wait for the day when we add another Vidic's pup to our family.  Vidic's is the best and you will never regret it!



Lloyd – DOB Jan 4th 2018


My wife and I first reached out to Stacy in May of 2017. We knew we wanted to get our puppy in the Feb-June 2018 time frame. We found Vidic Bullies through the Canadian Kennel Club Website and sent an email asking Stacy if she thought they would have puppies in that time frame.

From our first communication and on Stacy was an ABSOLUTE pleasure to deal with.  We had been in contact with other breeders as well but after talking with Stacy we just instantly felt comfortable working with her.  You could tell her and Paul had great knowledge of the breed and really cared about each puppy they brought into the world.  You can imagine that being on the list with Stacy for more than 7 months before the puppies were even born that we had lots of contact with Stacy and she was always happy to help answer any questions we had and to provide us progress on the litter. 


Finally, in January we got to pick out and meet our future Lloyd for the first time.  We instantly fell in love with him and that has just continued to grow since we brought him home in early March.  His temperament is exactly what we were hoping for, sweet and fun.  He loves to learn and is quick to pick up new training techniques.  He has been around babies, children, puppies, older dogs, etc. and he has loved meeting and playing with everyone.  Not to mention he is super cute and we are constantly stopped on walks by almost everybody who sees him, wanting to say hi.


All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would recommend Stacy and Vidic bullies to anybody looking to add an amazing english bulldog to their family.

Richard and Courtenay


If you're looking for an ideal bully breeder and reading this look no further.  You like the rest of us have found the right place.  Early this year we found Vidics Bullies and could not be happier.  They provide very healthy and wonderful Bulldogs. 


We adopted Gus in April 2017.  We had very high expectations as we have researched the breed and breeders for years.  Finally after finding Paul and Stacey we found our boy Gus.  He is now 6 months old and has easily surpassed any and all expectations we had.  We have had him in for all his regular vet visits and is very healthy with no issues.  He is the most loving Dog an owner could ask for.   He took to his Kennel very quickly and house training also went better then we had hoped. 


If this testimonial can do one thing I hope it is to help eleaveiate the stress of adopting a puppy in anyway other than face to face.  We live in New Brunswick and were unaware of the process of adopting a puppy from another province (flight, payment etc..).  Stacey was more then happy to talk to me on the phone and provide me all the reassurance I needed.  She also provided alot of preparation advice that was very helpful. 


Inclosing, If your looking for a Bully from a high quality breeder, please contact Paul & Stacey.  We did and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.


Heidi, Eddie & Gus


P.S for anyone who would like to follow Gus or ask any questions please don't hesitate to say hello on Instagram @ mybullygus

Twitter @ECoggar


I got the most beautiful English Bulldog from Vidic's Bullies. We love her so much. She has added so much love to our family!!

We live in New Brunswick, Canada and Isabelle came from Ontario. I want to thank the Vidic's so much for their honesty and conversations we had about Isabelle. 

She is 5 months old now and she is so smart.  She shakes a paw, sits, gives high 5's and she is doing so well with her house training.  I didn't realize how smart English Bulldogs were until we adopted her.

We had her vet checked and she is as healthy as can be.  I so want to adopt another bulldog from the Vidic's and I am certain I will one of these days.  I am very happy to say that we are in love with Isabelle. She is so good with my kids, she tries to play with my cat Thomas, and she never hurts the cat. Thomas is getting used to her bit by bit.

I love hearing her snore LOL, its so cute! She was very easy to crate train and now goes in there all by herself to sleep during the day. But at night, I love having her sleep with me.

People stop me in town when we go out and want to take pictures of her.  Whenever they ask to pet her I always say YES, she never bites anyone or is aggressive towards them.

The people at my local Pharmasave love seeing her, so I put her in the shopping cart and wheel her around the store. She has a great time.

I would tell everyone that if you want to get a bully, Vidic's Bullies dogs are wonderful!!

Kathy Somers

New Brunswick, Canada

If you are looking for an English Bulldog breeder, look no further! Now that you have come across Vidics Bullies website, I would consider it 'meant to be'. That is how I felt when I first came across Paul and Stacy's website, and inquired about purchasing a puppy. I had high expectations when looking for a breeder, since there are many who are not protecting the English Bulldog breed. I wanted a breeder with experience, in substantial standing with the CKC, who had a personal approach, and who cared about their puppies to ensure they were going to a good home. Paul and Stacy were the perfect match to meet my needs as a buyer! 
Meatloaf (AKA: monkey or little nugget) is my first puppy, and was immediately accepted as a family member. I never really understood how much “life”, “love”, and “joy" a puppy would bring into my home. It is hard to believe what I was missing prior to Meatloaf’s arrival. I am pleased that Meatloaf has an excellent temperament and quick ability to learn basic obedience skills. Naturally, he is a very social puppy who enjoys interacting with other animals or humans while going on walks or adventures. He loves playing tug of war, and peek-a-boo. When you tickle his belly, he opens his mouth and giggles (I am convinced he might be a baby shark). 
I have received plentiful amounts of compliments on his markings and "perfect bully features" from many individuals, including his Veterinarian. He is a very healthy and happy puppy. When asked where I got Meatloaf from, I can proudly say Paul and Stacy Vidic in Ontario. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be getting my next addition from Vidics Bullies.