If you are looking for an English Bulldog breeder, look no further! Now that you have come across Vidics Bullies website, I would consider it 'meant to be'. That is how I felt when I first came across Paul and Stacy's website, and inquired about purchasing a puppy. I had high expectations when looking for a breeder, since there are many who are not protecting the English Bulldog breed. I wanted a breeder with experience, in substantial standing with the CKC, who had a personal approach, and who cared about their puppies to ensure they were going to a good home. Paul and Stacy were the perfect match to meet my needs as a buyer! 
Meatloaf (AKA: monkey or little nugget) is my first puppy, and was immediately accepted as a family member. I never really understood how much “life”, “love”, and “joy" a puppy would bring into my home. It is hard to believe what I was missing prior to Meatloaf’s arrival. I am pleased that Meatloaf has an excellent temperament and quick ability to learn basic obedience skills. Naturally, he is a very social puppy who enjoys interacting with other animals or humans while going on walks or adventures. He loves playing tug of war, and peek-a-boo. When you tickle his belly, he opens his mouth and giggles (I am convinced he might be a baby shark). 
I have received plentiful amounts of compliments on his markings and "perfect bully features" from many individuals, including his Veterinarian. He is a very healthy and happy puppy. When asked where I got Meatloaf from, I can proudly say Paul and Stacy Vidic in Ontario. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be getting my next addition from Vidics Bullies.