I got the most beautiful English Bulldog from Vidic's Bullies. We love her so much. She has added so much love to our family!!

We live in New Brunswick, Canada and Isabelle came from Ontario. I want to thank the Vidic's so much for their honesty and conversations we had about Isabelle. 

She is 5 months old now and she is so smart.  She shakes a paw, sits, gives high 5's and she is doing so well with her house training.  I didn't realize how smart English Bulldogs were until we adopted her.

We had her vet checked and she is as healthy as can be.  I so want to adopt another bulldog from the Vidic's and I am certain I will one of these days.  I am very happy to say that we are in love with Isabelle. She is so good with my kids, she tries to play with my cat Thomas, and she never hurts the cat. Thomas is getting used to her bit by bit.

I love hearing her snore LOL, its so cute! She was very easy to crate train and now goes in there all by herself to sleep during the day. But at night, I love having her sleep with me.

People stop me in town when we go out and want to take pictures of her.  Whenever they ask to pet her I always say YES, she never bites anyone or is aggressive towards them.

The people at my local Pharmasave love seeing her, so I put her in the shopping cart and wheel her around the store. She has a great time.

I would tell everyone that if you want to get a bully, Vidic's Bullies dogs are wonderful!!

Kathy Somers

New Brunswick, Canada