If you're looking for an ideal bully breeder and reading this look no further.  You like the rest of us have found the right place.  Early this year we found Vidics Bullies and could not be happier.  They provide very healthy and wonderful Bulldogs. 


We adopted Gus in April 2017.  We had very high expectations as we have researched the breed and breeders for years.  Finally after finding Paul and Stacey we found our boy Gus.  He is now 6 months old and has easily surpassed any and all expectations we had.  We have had him in for all his regular vet visits and is very healthy with no issues.  He is the most loving Dog an owner could ask for.   He took to his Kennel very quickly and house training also went better then we had hoped. 


If this testimonial can do one thing I hope it is to help eleaveiate the stress of adopting a puppy in anyway other than face to face.  We live in New Brunswick and were unaware of the process of adopting a puppy from another province (flight, payment etc..).  Stacey was more then happy to talk to me on the phone and provide me all the reassurance I needed.  She also provided alot of preparation advice that was very helpful. 


Inclosing, If your looking for a Bully from a high quality breeder, please contact Paul & Stacey.  We did and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.


Heidi, Eddie & Gus


P.S for anyone who would like to follow Gus or ask any questions please don't hesitate to say hello on Instagram @ mybullygus

Twitter @ECoggar