Lloyd – DOB Jan 4th 2018


My wife and I first reached out to Stacy in May of 2017. We knew we wanted to get our puppy in the Feb-June 2018 time frame. We found Vidic Bullies through the Canadian Kennel Club Website and sent an email asking Stacy if she thought they would have puppies in that time frame.

From our first communication and on Stacy was an ABSOLUTE pleasure to deal with.  We had been in contact with other breeders as well but after talking with Stacy we just instantly felt comfortable working with her.  You could tell her and Paul had great knowledge of the breed and really cared about each puppy they brought into the world.  You can imagine that being on the list with Stacy for more than 7 months before the puppies were even born that we had lots of contact with Stacy and she was always happy to help answer any questions we had and to provide us progress on the litter. 


Finally, in January we got to pick out and meet our future Lloyd for the first time.  We instantly fell in love with him and that has just continued to grow since we brought him home in early March.  His temperament is exactly what we were hoping for, sweet and fun.  He loves to learn and is quick to pick up new training techniques.  He has been around babies, children, puppies, older dogs, etc. and he has loved meeting and playing with everyone.  Not to mention he is super cute and we are constantly stopped on walks by almost everybody who sees him, wanting to say hi.


All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would recommend Stacy and Vidic bullies to anybody looking to add an amazing english bulldog to their family.

Richard and Courtenay