When we started looking for another bulldog to join our family, I started researching breeders in the Southwestern Ontario area.  I found Stacy and Vidic's Bullies in Palmerston from the CKC website.  After speaking with a few different breeders, I knew Stacy and Vidic's were the breeder for us.  From the very beginning, Stacy was a pleasure to talk to and was very understanding of our wants and needs in our new family member.  She is very knowledgeable about the breed and works with only the best breeders to ensure healthy pups with the very best temperaments.  Her dogs are absolutely beautiful and have an amazing nature.  We knew right away that we had picked the very best breeder possible and were very excited about adding a Vidic's bully to our family. I spoke with Stacy for almost a year before we finally found our perfect match.  We couldn't wait to finally bring Stanley home. 
Stanley has been home with us for just over two weeks and in that time has already mastered  sit, bed, shake a paw, fetch and is starting to heel on our walks.  He is incredibly smart and has been an adventure from the very beginning.  He is sweet and funny and also very feisty.    We love his personality and couldn't have asked for a better pup. Stanley has added so much love to our lives and we couldn't imagine being without him now.  Stanley and my son have become the best of friends.  I love seeing the two of them play.  It is going to be amazing to watch them grow up together. 
We get stopped everywhere we go and get complimented on his markings and how beautiful he is.  I have told everyone we meet that we got him from Stacy at Vidic's Bullies in Palmerston.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is considering getting a bulldog to add to their family.  We already can't wait for the day when we add another Vidic's pup to our family.  Vidic's is the best and you will never regret it!