We are very pleased that our experience in getting our first dog was with Stacy and Paul Vidic. They are two people, very passionate about the breeding of English Bulldogs and are very caring for their dogs

It's been a year since we got our Sherwood and they still keep in contact with us. We thank them for such a wonderfull bulldog.

Sherwood a.k.a Mr. Wiggles because he is so extremely friendly that when he meets anyone his entire body wiggles. We can't be more pleased with Sherwood's temperament and obedience. He is very playful and loves toys. His favourite game is hide and seek. He likes to hide behind trees and thinks no one can see him. Sherwood was a very quick learner who listens to commands well... he looks both ways before crossing the road!

We have had numerous amounts of compliments on his markings and his looks from everyone including his puppy class instructor to his vet. We are constantly asked who were the breeders of this wonderful dog.

Sherwood is an amazing dog in every class from health to personality. We are so thankful!